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Bernard cassière-Paris

What about Bernard? It’s simply the first name of BC brand founder, Mr Bernard Mas, also President and Founder of Sothys group. Strongly attached to his roots, he decides to anchor activity in Corrèze, his native region. You know now our history, as well as the spirit which guides us. A spirit which makes of Bernard Cassière a beautiful brand, where nature and respect of nature become fully clear...

Come and visit the Gardens next to the house, just to know more and admire the best of what Nature offers...

RESPONSIBLY AND THOUGHTFULLY DEVELOP OUR PRODUCTS This is our creed! During our developments, we pay particular attention to the origin of our materials and our packaging (as local as possible). Some of our natural actives come from our own gardens, others are from fair trade, others can be organic... all in an ecological and societal logic. This is part of our specifications and we use it every day.

QUALITY AND TRACEABILITY GUARANTEE THANKS TO OUR OWN INFRASTRUCTURES This is our strength. Belonging to a family group (URL Sothys) and having our own infrastructure is what make the guarantee of quality and traceability possible. Our products are a 100% made in France (cockadoodledoo!). From design in our Research & Development laboratory, through manufacturing in our production unit to delivery, it all happens in a green setting in the middle of Corrèze.

Offer quality cosmetics to all men and women. As gender equality is one of the most globalized issues of our time, we would like to remind that our professional cosmetics are as well intended for you ladies as for you gentlemen. After all, we all have a right to claim a shelf in the bathroom, right?